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For many people, Monday is the start of the work week and for the most part represents the doom and gloom that the workplace brings to the lives of so many. Unless of course you are one of the few who toss and turn each night riddled with the anxiety of waking up the next day in order to run to your workplace. The workplace, being your second home and prepare to dedicate the best 8,10, or 12 hours of your day to such a noble, noteworthy cause which you call your “life’s work”. Whew now that was a run on sentence if I ever saw one. At any rate, if you are someone who needs to mentally prepare, gather your thoughts, drink tea, and take deep breaths before work like many of us then make this your pit stop. Come in for your thought of the day, overview of the planetary energy, a universal message, and some Astrological information. If nothing else, you will be motivated to get off of whatever device you are on and go to work or get back to work :-) A friend asked me, what is everyone supposed to do on the other days of the week? Excellent question, so, the idea is that you stay motivated by coming back here to “read and repeat’ making every day of the week a Motivational Monday!!! Until next time, I wish you Love, Light, and Litmus paper.


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