Recently, I have become fascinated with the the Zodiac signs and have been secretly (well not anymore lol) attempting to see if I could determine what zodiac sign someone was based on their mannerisms. The zodiac has very detailed information about zodiac signs and how the day and time you were born really determines how you react in certain situations and explain different aspects of your personality. If you are an Aries, you are a fire sign born between March 21st and April 21st. Each sign is ruled by a planet and Aries is ruled by Mars, as does Scorpio. Aries are said to be passionate, motivated, inventive, thrives in positions of power, and is direct, cheerful and uncomplicated. On the flip side Aries also has minimal patience, has a quick temper, and can be aggressive, and impulsive. I never related to being an Aries until now lol possessing many of the Aries qualities. Those who are familiar with birth charts know that we all have a rising, sun moon,and venus sign. I am a Scorpio Sun but an Aries Moon so the combination of having both water and fire in your chart can be a little, hmm shall we say interesting or maybe even volatile lol. At any rate, back to Aries, Aries is represented by the Ram and is said to bump heads or should I say horns lol with Capricorn, another sign represented by a horned head animal (the goat) which makes sense but thats primarily because Capricorns are more structured and Aries more impulsive. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar large and in charge, even though some were left feeling a little slighted not being able to celebrate as they wold have liked to but for me any day is a good day to celebrate what wait until your birthday?. ;-) If your interest has been sparked like mine was you can get more information on, for some it is a challenge finding out what time you were born but even without it you can obtain some good basic information. Stay tuned as now we have moved into the lovely wise, stable earth sign of Taurus, wow another horned one lol. Until then, much

love and light!!

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