Covid-19 Consciousness

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

At this stage, it is safe to say the general population is more than aware of the most recent fatal communicable disease to plaque our nation today. Over the past few months, the world has become more than familiar with what has been named Covid 19. This term is an acronym coined by Who (World Health Organization) last December and stands for Corona Virus Disease of 2019. It is the one of 209 because the make-up is similar to respiratory conditions(SARS) identified in 2002 and 2012. This highly contagious and virulent virus which attacks the respiratory system has claimed thousands of lives. Although individuals more susceptible to contracting the virus include the elderly, the young, and those with compromised immune systems/ co-morbidities, it does not discriminate and has claimed the lives of those not in the categories mentioned above.

Collectively, we have felt the grave effects of this "novel" virus in such a short period of time which will have longer lasting psychological, physical, and emotional effects and has forced the world to instantly adapt to a new way of living. A way of living which includes;cancelling travel plans, assessing and replenishing home inventories, not reporting to work each day, home schooling their children, personal space basically redefined by restricting face to face interactions to a minimum of 6 feet, universal precautions taken to a whole new level with constant hand washing and consistently doning gloves, and face masks to prevent the spread. Individuals confirmed as ill or symptomatic are required to self quarantine at home for at least two (2) weeks. Additionally, the uncertainty of when and if a cure will be developed, fear based paranoia of transmission, and issues related to isolation secondary to social distancing.

This is not what I had in mind for a Wellness Wednesday topic, however it is important that we do all we can to remain "well" during this trying time. I am in agreement with the celebrities who have recently been on commercials recommending people get out of the house for fresh air, keeping busy with in door activities, and thinking positive. From a medical perspective, it is extremely important to maintain frequent hand hygiene,consume hot beverages, and pretty much stay home to prevent the spread unless you are categorized as an "essential heath care worker", (which will be saved for another discussion) then you have permission to be out and about after the prescribed lock in time of 8pm.

My contribution, (well one of many) to assist with the consciousness of the importance of health maintenance and wellbeing of the collective is a poem from a bookmark made by Hallmark titled "Lets Promise" provides us with a little guidance and encouragement in these areas.

"Lets Promise to take as good care of ourselves as we do the people we love. Lets promise to fight stress with laughter and keep wellness a priority, with good choices, regular check ups and finding time to paper ourselves, too- because we're worth every minute we spend on ourselves".

I think its also important to be patient, supportive of one another, and remain in the energy of Love.

In my opinion, the "end of the world" is personalized and individualized and not defined by periodic catastrophic events occurring here on Earth. In essence, the moral of the story is, stay blessed, remain in a spirit of gratitude, and never, ever take the little things for granted!

Much Love and Light!


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