Forgetful Friday

I'm calling today forgetful Friday, in an attempt to focus on and to remember all that we have forgotten. At times, I feel like with so much going and so much to potentially complain about, we tend to forget all thats good and right with us and with the world. Your task is to take some time out today to, in some way express gratitude for all that you have, all that you had and lost, all that you want and all that you will have. Just the other day I woke up and as I was getting ready for work, I heard birds outside my window singing and I became a little sad. The reason was because I came to the realization of how short life was number one(1) and number two (2), I felt bad for cursing the birds in the past for chirping so loud that they woke me up on a day when I didn't have to be up for work and wanted to sleep in. Why?, primarily because once I'm up, I'm up, and I did not want to be up at that moment. On this particular day, the chirping was like music to my ears, a song that I appreciated, and I was thankful to be alive another day to hear them and I thanked the birds for my song. After all they were chirping in front of my window so it must be my song, LOL and I invited them to return again tomorrow morning and whenever else they wanted to. I purchased a bird feeder that week as well and put it outside my kitchen window. I invited the birds to break bread with me whenever they liked as well. Suddenly, I began to think about what other sounds or noises that may have aggravated me before but could be music to my ears. The first thing that popped into my head was... Yes the L train in the Bronx, NY of course. :-) Part of me wondered if I should even add this to the list, I mean those darn trains do come literally every 4.7 minutes in either direction. :-) However, I chose to move in the building next to it, so how could I then complain? I couldn't, I can't!, I won't! Ultimately, a little rhyming story came to my mind as they often times do, and I am sharing with you as I pose the question, what comes to your mind when you think of sounds that you consider noise, which could actually be turned into one of your favorite melodies? Food for thought. Until next time, take care!


Whats' That Noise?

Come back little birdies, I see things different now, of course I want hear you sing. The tune sounds familiar to me because of the memories that it brings. Mr. conductor man, slow down, you are going way to fast, I could barely

hear the trains' horn because you blew past. I have a plan, lets go back downtown Manhattan, back to the Pier,theres a ship departing soon and his horn, I'd like to hear. If my dog were still here, I'd put on my sneakers and socks and help him chase that fire truck up and down the block. I have kids outside with idle minds and sometimes not much to do, so the sirens of the Police will take some getting use to. Let me call my classmate back, hey finish reciting what you wrote... your speech, and yes I will drive with you back to Orchard Beach, theres fireworks and then a Rave, but can we stop so I can listen to the waves. Yes, you can pop the champagne bottle, and add to my juice a splash while I listen to the waves of water ht the rocks like a rash. I'd rather be here of course than in this awful car crash. Wait, where is my co-worker? hearing your bubblegum pop is not getting on my nerves, let me listen again, because this I don't deserve. I have to find my Teacher, to say her clicking her pen is not my pet peeve, where did everyone go, I'm so alone, please, don't leave. Then a voice in the distance said, everyone is still there my dear the one that left is you. I tried to help you out and remove all doubts that what you heard was to feed to your soul and not noise but music indeed. You complained about so much, and it appeared as everything caused you so much strife, so I devised a plan to help you out and set the wheels in motion so that you could put an end to your life.

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