Full of F words: Freestyle Friday

If I can be Frank, it seemed as if this week Flew by as Fast as a Freight train, in my minds eye, I Frolicked in a Forest Full of Fresh Flowers to ensure that I would remain sane. My imagination was able to Fast Forward to the Future when the mall was again Full of life, and the Frappe From my Favorite Fast Food condensed on the counter alongside my Fork and Knife. Oh wow! Fancy running into some Friends, actually quite a Few, my co-worker Frank and his wife Majuon Foo. The smile and the hug indicated I hadn't seen them in awhile so we captured a Few photos that I could later upload to a File. It was time I got going, couldn't Forget to pick up the kids From school, then it was off to the Farmers market while they swam like Fish and got lessons at the pool. Now its off to the Farm, well the place that we call home for some much needed down time, dinner, TV or small talk on the phone. If you look out of my minds window, you can see Freedom in the distance although it appears so Far away, but it gives something to look Forward to and hope For each and everyday!

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Wind Turbines


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