Grateful Monday

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Reviewing in my mind some of the conversations that I have been hearing over the past week or so, it has become increasingly difficult for some us to get and stay motivated. It is equally as difficult to see the silver lining in the cloud as well. However, I firmly believe that if we were allowed to wake up and see another day we should be grateful. One good thing I can say is that we are getting closer to the date when the restrictions related to this Corona quarantine will be lifted. As with anything, that is subject to change but with fingers and eyes crossed :-) all will be well. Just imagine, as a great number of us will be so excited about the reopening of all of our health and beauty stores. We will now be able to get our hair, makeup, manicures and pedicures done once again. Yay! Or, if that is not your thing, then what is? What will you be happy about?, aside from this entire nightmare being over all together. I know I personally can't wait, I acknowledge that this situation has taken a huge toll on all of us and we all need to keep each other in our thoughts and prayers. Until next time, much love and light!

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