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Good Day all, thank you for stopping by, I want you to know that I truly appreciate you. For those of you who don't know, my name is Mecca Johnson Andrades,or Mec if we're cool lol and now I go by Majick. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and thank you in advance for your support. I am a Mother, a Grandmother, Nurse, Energy Healer, and last but not least a writer but more importantly, I am a friend and would like to be yours, if we aren't already. I look forward to your feedback and your input because in addition to the items I have for sale in my store, I am creating a forum where we could come together as a Community, discuss various topics, offer insight to each -other, share ideas, and basically spread the Love because your opinion matters to me. :-) I look forward to hanging out with you real soon live and in the mean time don't forget to spread the word. You can show your support by liking, subscribing, and of course by purchasing various items that are available in my store. The store, Brielles' Bask & Bath, is where you can find my specially crafted bath salts and bath scrubs to help soothe and mellow out those tense muscles after a long hard day at work. The bath salts come in various colors and scents and are coupled with other items to help you on the path to relaxation. No box is the same, and boxes can also be made to order, just let me know what the occasion is or what you have in mind and I will take it from there. You will also be able to find blends of my Rose and Floral Oils. You can use these as a perfume by adding them to your pressure points or you can add some to your bath with the salts. Additionally, I have a blend of Floral essence water, which is my rendition of febreeze :-). Use it to spray in your space to lighten up the stale air. You can also add some to your floor wash water if you so choose. Additionally, I believe in supporting others when ever possible, so I have also addd a few shoe and clothing items from Ninas Nick Nacks,(Coming Soon) that you can also find in my store. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via cell or email, and check out that paypal and cash app info, if you just want to support and not make a purchase.

As I mentioned above, I am a writer and have always been but have just recently been called to put more time and effort into it which I plan to do in many ways including this Blog. With that being said, please stay in touch and stay tuned because one never knows, what we will find in his Scorpios' mind lol, but remember no matter what it is...Majick is in the Mix!!!!!:) Take care

Love is Love!!!!

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