Motivational Monday

There are plenty a song that will get me in gear and motivated, and since a poem can be compared somewhat to a song, I think a poem is in order for todays' Motivation. Welcome back (note to self) :-)

Today is Motivational Monday, its the beginning of the week, a new start, a fun day, time to put all your worries in a bag and throw them all away. A day you decide to kick the week of right, and keep all of your dreams and aspirations within a few inches of your sight. Make your wish upon a star and on the moon, it was recently full too, and carve positive intentions into everything that you do. I see the good in others, they have a light inside, I can just tell, so their hope and dreams, I hope too and send them to the wishing well. I look forward to a week of big blessings, yet calm like the sea, and I do things to others that I would want done back to me. If we could all participate, and follow this deed, oh what a wonderful world it would be. We can thrive because we are alive, remember to give, because you receive each day you live. We can feel the presence of love in everyone we meet, as well as from the earth if we walk with bare feet. I wish you the best and hope you wish that for me too, and remember to add a rainbow of love in everything you do.

Until next time take care!


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