Rainbow Ready

I am truly glad that I looked into why I had been seeing rainbows on certain windows. The rainbows in the window campaign is a continuation of the project like

the one started in Italy during their Covid lockdown as a way to boost morale and offer hope and reassurance to youth passerby’s during such a difficult time. The slogan that is attached to it is "Everything will be alright' or Andra tutti bene in Italian. The same concept remains with the #518 chase the rainbow campaign here in the Capital District. It was a small attempt to put big smile on children’s faces as they went for walks in the neighborhood as well as to give encouragement to the at risk essential health care workers on the front lines everyday. I think it is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to add a rainbow to my window. I hope you too will join me in this worthwhile cause, help spread love and inspiration by putting a rainbow in your window. until next time, wishing you love and light!

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