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Overall, people generally want to develop professionally, make personal improvements, and now continue to be creative in finding ways to adapt to this new way of life currently in progress. What better ay to do that than to do a little extra reading. There are a number of benefits to reading daily such as increasing vocabulary, becoming more empathetic, improving focus and concentration as well as improving analytical skills. (life It is undeniable that these are very valuable skills, that will always remain with you.

This week my special Shout-Out Sunday goes to Modern Gypsy (MG) for charging us with the task of reading, reading, and of course more reading. The Modern Gypsy 2020 "book bingo challenge" invites readers to commit to reading a specific number of books this year, and of course reporting your progress by participating/posting in scheduled quarterly check-ins on the MG site. Using the bingo card (posted below) participants will make a commitment to the type and number of books you will complete this year.

For example, lets say I chose to commit to row 2 diagonal, I would be reading five (5) books which would include one written by a woman of color, a movie adaptation, so forth and so on. For those of us entering the challenge at this stage, we either have a whole lot of catching up to do or will chose what is realistic considering the circumstances. I chose the latter, ;-) and I hope you will chose with one or the other, so long as you chose. The link is posted below and please feel free to check out the website for a wealth of other information as well. I look forward to seeing the progress.


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