Self Motivation Monday.

At times, there is not an individual around to give you a pat on the back, whisper in your ear "you can do it!" or even bring you a late afternoon cup of coffee to help you make it through your deadline. None the less the task is still at hand, and drastic times will call for drastic measures. For this reason, a stored reserve of motivation is needed to have at your disposal. Having this in mind, prompted the conception of s.e.l.f.c.a.r.e., inside and out. The acronym provides a number of activities that one could do to both their internal and external environments in order to foster self care. The tasks could assist with gaining, maintaining,and or replenishing internal and external homeostasis, which in turn results in, increased motivation, according to my personal theory anyway. :-) Frequency, amount and duration of the exercises and the amount of motivational "stores" will vary based on the individual :-) I feel a research study coming on, so stay tuned :-) In the meanwhile, we will just focus on the following journal assignment.

Internal External

Soak Simplify

Eat Earn

Love Light

Forgive Fun

Count Complete

Align Arrange

Rest Reduce

Embody Entangle

This week, review each word and journal what it means to you and how you can incorporate it into your daily self-motivating life :-) Next week I will provide my viewpoints. Until then, stay safe, happy, healthy, and of course motivated!!!


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