Monthly General Reading for the Collective (January)

Monthly General Reading (for the Collective) January 2020






1) Overall energy -Angel Oracle

2) Clarity of the Overall Energy Card Message with Tarot

3) Guidance- Soul Cards


Overall Energy-

Healer of Emotion

The message this card brings is the importance self-care. For a long time you have been focused on the needs of others, and now is the time to concentrate on “me time”

Bottom card-

6 of Abundance tells us that a gift is coming, I feel like it could be related to receiving good news about a health condition you are currently dealing with. The advice is to put some focus and energy into volunteering for a charitable organization, maybe one you identify with or one that deals with a situation that is “close to home”


8 of cups reversed- It is time to start thinking about what is best for you, and what is the best course of action for you to take. Your medical provider may have a few suggestions, use your intuition to decide which direction to go in.

9 of swords- Some people may be dealing with a mental health or Neurological condition and some may just be losing sleep over the situation and/or even having nightmares.

10 of Swords- It looks like some resistance to change is afoot. Let’s remember that change is inevitable, and it enables us to start fresh. I’m getting that there will be improvement regarding this condition and/or that the pain will be subsiding soon. With the 10 of Swords some people may be dealing with a back issue, so be mindful of Ergonomics, and proper body mechanics while working and/or lifting.

Bottom card- Hierophant- It is important not to lose sight of the benefit of seeking out spiritual guidance during this time. If not clergy, you may also consider, a mentor or support group. Think about family traditions, something may be useful to you or you may want to try something newer a take holistic approach. 

Guidance- Trust- Believe that your inner voice will never steer you wrong.


Overall energy-

2 of Abundance- you may have a lot of responsibilities at work and feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions. You may also be working multiple jobs as most do. This week it is key that you keep a positive attitude while you multitask, it will make the process a lot less painful and help to yield positive results.

Bottom card-

5 of Emotion- Ask for guidance from your higher power to help you move through a difficult time and remember that grief and forgiveness are both normal and important parts of the healing process. Allow yourself to heal.


8 of cups reversed- Hmm, should I stay or should I go?, someone is asking. Someone is at a crossroads at the workplace, maybe feeling unappreciated or that there is nowhere else to go in this particular field. Someone just needs a change and has had enough of the environment they are in. You may need some Hermit time in order to determine the answer to that question.

Knight of Wands-

It looks like someone is not only ready for a job change, they already have a plan of action brewing inter heads with enough energy go along with it. Those of you who are currently moving towards this new place putting your plan into effect, please be mindful that haste makes waste. take your time, think everything out carefully so that you can make a wise decision since the effect is usually not temporary.

7 of wands reversed-

So the fraud card has surfaced, well in this instance, it is marabout deceit but not necessarily in a negative way. I feel like some are keeping their plans to switch gears on the job front to themselves. This is best at times since plans sometimes get derailed when too many conductors are given the map for one train :-)  Anyway, not burning any bridges is key, so as long as you are able to follow company protocol for living when you resign, everyone else can find out when they need to. For others, the deceit is in whatever secret they are keeping that is burning their very core. Take some time out to determine the best way to handle this situation because you not only carry a secret, you carry a burden along with it. There is someone else or others who are involved a secret work place relationship, and its booming difficult to deal with so you rethinking about throwing in the towel.

Bottom card-

7 of cups- This cards present so some are of course neglecting their spiritual side, but in the context of wealth, some are overly focused on the material aspects of things, which is most likely why you have more than 1 job (2 of abundance) and why you may be going towards a position with more money (8 of cups reversed.) The deception (7 of wands reversed) may also be connected to stealing money. We need to remember whatever is done in the dark, will come to the light, and the best decisions sometime lye where the most balance is.

Guidance- Guilt (makes sense)

It does not serve you any benefit, let it go.


Overall energy

8 of Action reversed-

“Houston we have a problem” (I loved that movie) Anyway, if there’s not a problem, there is definitely a delay and some frustrations right along with it. In the Love category, I see some peoples persons of interest is not moving at a speed optimal for you. In fact, what I hear someone was told we’re moving too fast” but let me say that you may be moving in the wrong direction because I’m picking up “ all that glitters isn’t gold” Be mindful of this as you move away from being impatient and impulsive. I need to tell someone to stop jumping from “pillow to post”) People who know me, know I can be sarcastic at times but it’s multiplied by 10 for these guides mine lol.) Yes stop hopping around, or like my guides said and Bobby Brown sang “humping around” The is actually near when you need to get quiet and make sure every aspect of you is aligned before the search begins or continues I should say.

Bottom card-

Review & Contemplation-(confirmation of me previously saying it’s time to get quiet)

I’m hearing you are becoming “creatures of habit” you feel stuck because you are stuck doing things the same way over and over. They just said you are “trying not to reinvent the wheel” but how long will you drive on a flat tire, wheel reinvention is necessary and very invigorating i must say. At this time, over the next week look inwards for clues about what to do, but whatever you decide to do, be real!, be you!


5 of swords-

There is a conflicts, disagreements. I see competition, which may be connected to the workplace romance that surfaced in the wealth section.

7 of cups-

An abundance of options, many choices available we think upon seeing this card. In this instance, I’m getting confusion more than options. Someone’s mind is on too way many things validating the nightmares and sleepless nights described by the 9 of Swords in the health section. The idea is to remain as focus as possible to limit confusion and prevent creating rose colored glasses.

2 of pentacles reversed- 

I’m getting a few things with this card someone due to being put under pressure is making or at risk of making poor choices. These decisions seem to be affecting your finances as well because your “juggling game” is off. Someone is physically drained, exhausted from all the juggling and needs some good old fashioned rest. For the one (s) dealing with the workplace romance your tired of splitting your role, and of being ignored

Bottom card-

9 of swords- Nightmares and sleepless nights, it makes sense. and of course an additional comment. “What is understood doesn’t need to be explained” 


Judgement reversed

The take home message is that everyone is unique in their own way, so embrace the differences and “Respect the Path” lol ok I’m done but I’m going to have to agree. Additionally, Empathy wanted to make an appearance as well- so at this time be open to seeing both sides of a situation

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