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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Wednesdays Whats Up with That, is the day when fans, supporters, followers, viewers and or the general public can email a question in that they may be having difficulty with, or to get a different perspective on it. At times, when we are engaged in a situation, or feel passionately about it, it is hard to see any other point of view. It is important however, to please keep in mind that this should in no way, shape ,or form be substituted for professional or legal advice, if the situation warrants taking things to a different level then by all means that it what you should do.

This weeks question comes from "Trixie" of Freeport, Long Island and she asks.....My best Friend had an issue with her previous roommate regarding the late payment of bills which ultimately led to her eviction because she was nonpaying her portion of the rent. She asked if she could stay with me for a brief period until she saved up her portion of the security deposit for an apartment with another individual that she works with. I asked my fiancé how he felt about the situation and being the kind understanding man that he is, he did not have an issue with it. After about a month, she lost her job and was home everyday. Initially, she was actively job searching until,well fry perspective my fiancé also had to be home due to a torn ligament in his foot. After, that happened, it seemed like all hell broke loose.

To be con't..... :-) Stay tuned

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